The Palmetto Battalion

The Civil War
Reenactors Organizaton
of South Carolina

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From Colonel Blackmon, (Retired)

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Lt. Colonel Summers has worked closely with the organizers of the Aiken event and come up with an agreement where the Palmetto Battalion will be in charge of the reenacting portion of the event.

As you recall, the Battalion voted some years back not to support the event because of little firewood, not enough port-a-johns and poor parking. Colonel Summers has been assured that those concerns have been addressed.

I know some will ask, 'shouldn't we put this decision to a vote?'  My experience is that we vote on whether or not to attend events and companies go where they want to anyway. The membership elected the command staff to make command decisions, and in this case we feel that going back to Aiken is in the best interests of the membership. With Secessionville off the table, this could be one of our bigger events next to Florence.

The New event is Battle FOR Aiken. New website will be going up soon.  Event site remains same. Dates are Feb. 19,20,21 2016.  Palmetto Battalion safety regs. will be observed and enforced.  PB Commander will assume overall military command.  Lt. Col. Terry will command all artillery.  Major Gregory will command all cavalry.   Capt. Ed Snyder will be event safety officer.

Pre registration is requested but PB members will NOT be assessed registration fee. All we need to do is provide registration staff with list of PB members by 01/01/16.  Assurance of abundant firewood and poop boxes.  All contracts, promises, and agreements with previous participants are deemed null and void.

Still working on parking arrangements. Property owners looking into clearing some more land across street from registration office.

Company Commanders, work with your men to make this a max effort event.

Long live the Palmetto Battalion!