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I know it's been a long time since this website got an update, but here's one worth reading. It came through Colonel Leland Sommers, presumably from event staff.

We have a National Event to go to, the first in a long while. A "Perfect Homespun Waterloo". Date is Sept. 16-18. Site Location is Solomon’s Valley Lane, Boonsboro, MD. There are 3 Antietam events going on in same area same weekend. Makes things more than confusing. One is billed as 160th Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg sponsored by Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association (GBPA). Location is Daniel Lady Farm adjacent to Gettysburg Battlefield. The other is “I hear distant thunder” sponsored by the 4th Texas Infantry and Bedford Artillery. It is living history located on Antietam National Battlefield Park property.

Registration: CS Registration remains open till September 15. Our unit is “Palmetto Battalion”. Our affiliation is “Southern Division” OR “Watters Brigade”. Registration is through Eventbrite. Register by buying a ticket for the 12th SC Vol. Infantry. We’re the only one still open. to register.

En-Route To Our Campsite: Located approximately ½ mile (or less) from our parking/registration area. No vehicle traffic allowed to camping area. Pack light and tight. Supposed to be tractor/hay trailer available to take us to/from camping area. (Note I say supposed).

Camping: Our site is located near Antietam Creek in wooded area. Part of the original ground. Has been sprayed with weed killer twice and some clearing via tractor. Camping will be campaigner style. No room for heavy canvas. Recommend dog tents or share a fly with others. Plenty of deadfall for firewood. Not sure how far away for water source. May I suggest bring couple gallons for sharing and hide in woods. Hay may be available at registration?

Organization Structure: Palmetto Battalion is Color Company for 12th SC. Fred Polston is company commander and will designate NCO’s.

Our scenarios include Snavely’s Ford and Otto’s Cornfield. Our first engagement occurs Friday evening and ends daybreak Saturday. It does not last all night (so I am told). When it concludes, we return to camp to prepare for next battle at 11:00 AM. At its conclusion we return to camp to prepare for Saturday afternoon battle. Sunday AM scenario is questionable, which should provide an early exit.

Looking at the map for Homespun Waterloo: For those of us traveling up from the South, it would be wise to get on I-81 somehow and get off on Exit 1 in Maryland. South on Hwy 63, it becomes Hwy 68. Right on Hwy 65. Left on Manor Church Road. Two miles to Solomons Valley Lane, where the event site is. That's a bit over 8 miles from the interstate. Unless you're driving in the middle of the night, you'd do well to avoid the DC run. Traffic on I-81 moves right along. Shortly above Richmond on I-95, traffic slows down all the way up to Frederick. And if there's one accident, you're going to cry for hours. Just sayin' for a guy that goes that way pretty often. for a site map.

For the most up to date info on what's going on with the Battalion, check our Facebook page.