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A number of people have expressed an interest in going to Bost Grist Mill. It's a fun little event not far from Charlotte. They moved the event from September to May 20-21 this year. Speaking from experience, this should make the temperature a lot more pleasant. Of course, now that I mentioned the weather, a rare tornadocane will probably happen that weekend. The event is hosted by Bost Grist Mill and the 30th North Carolina Troops.

for more information. for even more information.

Battalion Staff informs that we will attend the 160th anniversary event at Gettysburg on June 23rd, 24th, & 25th. If my info is correct, we'll be doing Black Horse Tavern. We'll be in the Southern Division, Watters' Brigade under the command of Dick Watters. The event is being put on by the Patriots Of The Civil War Association. for their website with information about how to register.

Traveling to Gettysburg: The address for the event is 1289 Blackhorse Tavern Road, Gettysburg PA. For those of us traveling up from the South, it would be wise to avoid I-95 through Washington DC and Baltimore during the day at all cost. DC after about 7:00pm or on Sunday before 8:00am seems to be OK. Traffic is still going to be heavy from the Richmond beltway to the other side of Baltimore. One knucklehead could do something stupid and back up traffic all the way to Miami! I wouldn't risk it unless it was after 7:00pm at the top of Richmond.

A better way would be to get on I-81 somehow and and take it to Exit 16 at Chambersburg, PA. Turn right on Hwy 30. It's 34 miles to the event site, just a couple miles west of Gettysburg. Google says it's 5 miles farther than getting off at Greencastle, but 3 minutes faster because of local traffic. for a map.

Also worth noting. The last time I took our tried and true route on Hwy 15, I was amazed at how much development had taken place. Take that as you will.

For the most up to date info on what's going on with the Battalion, check our Facebook page.